Patches for Recent or Unsupported Releases

In order to better support the Samba community, this page contains recommended patches for the most recent production releases. These patches have been integrated into the main Samba development trees for the next version of Samba.

Follow these instructions for applying patches:

$ tar zxvf samba-3.x.y.tar.gz
$ cd samba-3.x.y
$ patch -p1 < "downloaded_patch_file"
$ cd source

Or use the quilt tool to apply all patches to a known series. For example:

$ tar zxvf samba-3.0.24.tar.gz
$ cd samba-3.0.24
$ wget
$ sh ./fetch-patches 3.0.24
$ quilt push -a
$ cd source Samba as normal....

Please note that in some cases it will be necessary to regenerate the configure script by executing located in the source/ directory. In all cases, it is best to do a clean build after applying any patches.

Samba 3.0.37
Allow non-ASCII netbios names Push the domain and netbios name into the DOS charset.

Samba 3.2.15
BUG 6606 Fix file corruption using smbclient with NT4 server.
BUG 6776 Fix core dump when running overlapping Byte Lock test.
Samba 3.3.14
BUG 7715 Setting Samba Write Cache Size Can Cause File Corruption.